Our mission is to inspire through conscious and deliberate thought leadership, to build investor confidence and independence and to create easy, convenient and secure solutions to build client wealth.


At Atlantic Partners, we think success comes from collaboration - collaboration with our clients, with our partners and with our team. That means understanding the investors' needs and working together to achieve our desired investment outcomes.

We’re not about trying to out smart the market, nor do we think there’s any value in trying to time it. Instead, we’re focused on maximising upside while limiting downside. That only happens by managing investment prudently through research, talent and partnerships, three things we happen to be very good at.

We’re always striving to provide the very best service for our clients. For us, that means personal attention, on-call availability and deep engagement. That explains why our clients continue to work with us year after year.


Wisdom Capital Ltd, Greater Asia

Jimmy Donnelly, Director

"As an insurance broker, we need seamless payment services for our clients in China and other parts of the world and that's exactly what Atlantic Partners is able to provide. Without their services, we wouldn't be able to offer clients access to our full range of insurance products".

Stamoulis & Weinblatt Lawyers, San Diego, USA

Shekhar Vyas, Partner

“I’ve been working with the Atlantic team and its associated companies for more than four years now. I’ve directed a host of clients to APA all of whom have remarked on the impeccable service they’ve received.”

Ng-Exclusive Limited, Tokyo, Japan

Eric Merchant, Managing Director

“The team at APA has been extremely helpful in assisting our clients with cross border payments. This has been an incredible solution and it’s continuing to have a big impact upon our business”.


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