Atlantic Partners Asia is a regulated asset management firm in Hong Kong coupled with a corporate finance and private equity boutique in Singapore. We manage assets on behalf of institutional investors and advise organisations on their infrastructure development and financing needs.

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Atlantic Partners Asia investment management provides alternative fund structuring, trading, operations and capital introductions and we’re aiming to provide our clients with the flow-on benefits of that experience.

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Atlantic Partners Asia has a broad network of governments, listed companies and financial institutions for whom we structure capital markets transactions and advise on all aspects of corporate finance.

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Atlantic Partners Asia through its ecosystem of trusted partners provides payment and value transfer services to high net worth investors, family offices, global private banks, private equity firms, and multinational companies. We provide safe, secure and dependable solutions to meet the global currency demands of our clients.

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Atlantic Partners Asia Capital is a global specialist that offers access to:

  • Securities lending, borrowing and repo facilities
  • Finance and liquidity provision of your long and short positions
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