Foreign Exchange

APA offers cross-border solutions for over 38 currencies and 300 currency pairings across 185 countries globally, thereby reducing the cost and complexity of moving money across borders.

Clients can transfer and receive funds via bank transfer using both SWIFT and local network routes.

Payments to beneficiaries are made simply by allowing for local currency settlements.

Transfers are executed on same-day basis and settlements are completed within the same day or T+1 basis.

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Virtual IBANs

APA virtual IBANs offered to clients are named multi-currency accounts that are easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Our virtual accounts enable clients to transfer, receive and store funds in most currencies quickly and securely without unnecessary conversion costs and fees.

With a team of experienced support staff and traders, clients will have end-to-end support for their currency needs.

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Complex Currencies

Domestic money transfer solutions without money leaving a country.
APA provides cross-border complex currency solutions via our regulated partners, with instant settlement.

We are also able to support international currency payments, global FX and settlement, wholesale currency services, and spot FX via our Money Services Operator (MSO) portfolio company licenced and regulated by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department.

APA is supported in its initiatives by several financial institutions and global partners, which enable APA to settle the majority of clients’ transactions within the same day.

To onboard with us, we require a standard KYC pack, source of wealth, and application form to be completed and submitted to us with desired transaction details.

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Domestic Money Transfer

The domestic money transfer service APA offers includes currency exchange and bulk settlements.

Clients can access wholesale currency rates for local payments, and transfers are processed within the same day.

Our solution is cost-effective and transparent to ensure clients pay the appropriate amount.

Additionally, our reliable, compliant and secure technology and process provide comfort to clients, allowing them to focus on their business.

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