April 18, 2024

International payments really can be painless

Making payments as a business shouldn’t be so hard…

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Making payments as a business shouldn’t be so hard…

Whether paying suppliers with Renminbi, settling a US dollar-denominated invoice or expanding into emerging markets, there is no reason for foreign exchange (FX) blank spots...there has to be a better way!

Customer research tells us that more than one in three businesses are searching for custom-made solutions to help simplify their international payments and cut through unneeded difficulty.

Solutions that are personalised to each business ensure that any complex currency and payment challenges are solved, no matter where the company is based or where they need to make payments.

Having a clear view across their payments is also crucial for over half of businesses, with 60% of UK businesses telling us they would pay a premium for complete visibility on their transactions. Just as turning on a light in a dark room helps illuminate potential obstacles, this clear line of sight removes many of the difficulties businesses associate with making payments.

Making an international payment should be as easy as paying your supplier. Through the creation of custom-made solutions for your business, visibility, and the proper hands-on support, it can be.