April 18, 2024

Supporting SMEs to make cross-border payments with simple solutions.

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The client is in the wholesale trade and makes regular cross-border payments to suppliers across Asia.

While price is crucial, service and partnerships have become increasingly important as supplier payments become increasingly complex.

The client is looking for a partner that can provide both price and service and, more importantly, grow with their business.

Payment Challenges:

Unhappy with the service provided by his bank and feels they don’t understand the changing nature of his business.

Lack of a dedicated relationship manager is highlighted when issues need to be re-solved – someone who understands my business.

Tired of being cross-sold products and services by his bank.

Too busy to research different payment solutions companies.

Needs transparency around pricing.

Simple Solutions with APA:

Personalised relationship management who partners with clients to grow their business.

Experts who listen, drawing on diverse use cases and working within licensing frameworks internationally.

Innovative product bundling and accessible market experts who help solve challenges.

Fast, cost-effective payments for individuals and businesses dealing with complex business challenges.

Our Value Added Service:
• Foreign Exchange – G10 Currencies
• Virtual Accounts
• Dedicated Relationship Manager

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