April 18, 2024

Supporting Multinational Corporations facilitate cross-border trade through a global network of trusted partners.

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Payment Challenges:

Research shows that global MNCs move nearly USD 23.5 trillion across countries annually, equivalent to 25% of the Global GDP.

The client is a multinational corporation (MNC) relying on wholesale cross-border payment processes. They found that they needed to create more efficiencies within critical cost, speed and transparency areas.

Gaining improvements in these areas would provide significant reduction in transaction costs, enhancing processes across FX conversion, trapped liquidity and delayed settlements areas.

Simple Solutions with APA:

High transaction costs (averages between $10-30 per transaction excluding FX margin miscellaneous fees.)

Long settlement times (not unknown for payouts to take between 2-3 days.)

Lack of transparency (limited Visibility of Payment status.)

Simple Solutions with APA:

Dedicated personal relationship manager who partners with clients to grow their business.

Experts who listen, drawing on diverse use cases and working within licensing frameworks internationally

Innovative product bundling and accessible market experts who help solve challenges.

Fast, cost-effective payments for individuals and businesses dealing with complex business challenges.

The client is only charged a fee, including transaction cost and FX Margin.

Our Value Added Service:
• Foreign Exchange – G10 Currencies
• Dedicated Relationship Manager

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