September 26, 2023

Supporting High-Net Worth Individuals through bespoke payment solutions.

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The client is a wealthy business owner who manages her wealth through a family office. Located in Asia, with businesses spread across Europe, reliability and long-term partnership are essential for this client.

Frustrated with current banking partners due to relationship manager turnover, however, tries to consolidate payments through this channel to retain prestige banking brands for tradition and risk management.

Cautious but open-minded about dealing with non-bank payment providers if they have a good reputation among people in their networks and can provide a high-quality service.

Payment Challenges:

Banking partners need long-term, dependable relationship management with limited access to experts who understand the family office.

Challenges with building long-term partnerships and trust due to relationship manager turnover in the bank. It feels like there needs to be more consistent support.

Love/hate relationship with their premium bank – still treated like a number even though they are wealthy and prefer better service.

A constant need to tap into knowledge and expertise in international markets to influence portfolio decisions.

Simple Solutions with APA:

Personalised, and accessible service across Asia and Europe.

Experts who listen, drawing on diverse use cases and working within licencing frameworks internationally.

Long-term trusted partner for the long term to evolve solution offerings tailored to individual needs.

Consultative approach with experts who focus on Innovative solutions through bespoke product bundling.

Our Value Added Service:
• Foreign Exchange – G10 Currencies
• Virtual Accounts
• Complex Currencies
• Dedicated Relationship Manager

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