Atlantic Partners Asia holds a Money Service Operator License granted by Customs and Excise of Hong Kong.

Atlantic Partners Asia provides through an ecosystem of trusted partners payment and value transfer services to (ultra) high net worth investors, family offices, global private banks, private equity firms, and multinational companies.

We provide safe, secure and dependable solutions to meet the global currency demands of our clients

Foreign Exchange

APA foreign exchange services allows clients to remit monies online to anywhere in the world in a secure, swift and compliant manner. Other services includes spot transactions, forward transactions and rate orders.

Transactions with major currencies are settled on the same day basis while certain currencies are settled within T+2.


APA escrow services provides independent and trustworthy protection for all parties in transactions, including safeguarding of funds as well as mitigating counterparty risks.

Through our experience and expertise, our dedicated team offer tailored solutions that are agile and flexible catering to your needs.